Monday, June 7, 2010


I am recovering from a serious migraine!   Yesterday afternoon I got a small headache, took some Advil (because it usually works)!   This was at 4:50pm and it was already to late!   I was so tired I went to bed earlier than usual!   Woke up around 3am my eyes felt like they were going to pop out!  Head pounding!   And then I got sick, almost went to er!   I sat in the dark with dear hubby!   He was so sweet just being quite and making sure I was all right too!   Laid back down and kinda went to sleep!   I hate migraines....took today to take it easy!  All I got done today to working on a few things like a load of laundry and I did manage to make supper for hubby and son!  Thank the man upstairs for helping me thru today!

I did receive a package in the mail today!   I signed up for a "PINK" Breast cancer Awareness ATC swap a wile ago.   And I got them...I was so excited!  And they are all so beautiful now I can't wait to show my mom (so is a survivor)!   And even though I had to wait along time to get them it was so worth it!   Now I am planning on signing up for a couple of more ATC swaps!   See ya tomorrow!