Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Look what I found... UPDATED!

I am planning on altering this wine box that I found at our local Thift Shop!  Gosh what a find...I am planning on using it for my wooden stamp storage!   I wish that I would have been able to find at least two more!  Any way I have started altering it so I will be up dating this post with the results!  

So glad I got this done!   Makes it easy to take wooden stamps to my crops now!

Christmas Craft Fair...

is coming up on December 5th in our town!   I am so excited this is the first craft fair that I am participating in!   The local lumber yard built a really nice sign for my biz, all I have to do is get it painted!  I have been making cards and pre made LOs to sell!

Here is a set of Valentine's Day Cards.

 Some funky Christmas Cards,

 did someone say "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree"!

A little vintage, maybe?

 These turned out a little off to me, but that is just fine!

And these Christmas cards are tri-fold!  

I try to make a set when I am making cards!  That way someone can buy just one or a whole set!   I usually ask $2.00 per card or $8.00 to $10.00 per set (depending on how many is in the set, embellishment of cards, etc.).