Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Road To Nowhere....

ever been on a road to nowhere?  I went with my dear hubby to work today and we took a wrong turn, ending up on this road that was just simply BEAUTIFUL!    And to be honest we ended up deep in a pasture and fenced in too!   So we got to go down this road twice!   Which meant two times the pics!   Please excuse the dead bugs on the window, since I was with my hubby we did not stop the truck one time!   LOL!   Hubby said "that if we stopped every time I wanted to take a snapshot he would never get to work"!   And ya know I that he is on the right track with that!   Each pic has it's own BEAUTY! 

Holy Moly Roly Poly.....

my dear son loves getting a hold of my camera!   He loves taking pics...says that he wants to be a photographer!   Looks like I am going to be buying a camera for him very soon!   Any who!    Yesterday he was taking pics outside and these are some of the pics!   Ever since our son was little he has just totally loves Roly Polys"!   

He was able to take some really great close ups!   The first pic...if ya looks really close you will see a very tiny snail!   How amazing is that! 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Drive To The Water Pump...

was so beautiful!   Last night  my dear husband had to take some items out to the oil rig, and our son and I went with him(perfect opt. to take pics of Kansas).   After my husband got things dropped off - he had to drive to the water pump!  As we came closer to the location of this water pump - clouds were coming in and the sun was just going down, getting ready to rain.   Needless to to say the man (God), had painted such a beautiful Kansas sky!    I decided a long time ago that Kansas is absolutely the place for sunrises and sunsets!   And I am planning on making a book...all it is going to be is Kansas sunrises/sunsets!   I have to been to a lot of different states/cities/towns...there is no question!   Do you have any pics like this...if so please leave a comment and link, I want to see!    Lately I have really been checking into to submitting some of my pics to some magazine/companies!   Never know something my come out of submitting...cross my fingers!   Got to start somewhere, right?

Taking the Time....
to read up on my camera!   I had bought this camera in replace of one that I used for two years!  I had to replace the camera that I knew...and to be honest I did not ever read the booklet that came with my camera now!   I use my point and shoot camera everyday!   I have been looking for s SLR camera for a while now.   About a week ago I found one for sale, yes it is used, but that is just fine with me!   I can't wait to get going with this SLR never really had a camera that nice before!   Started reading a book " The Complete Idiot's Guide to Photography Like A Pro"   So far I have read over stuff that was self taught to any camera owner!  I am ready for so good stuff like working on perspective and such!  

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bad, Bad, Bad.....

We I have managed to get off track a bit with posting!  So as of today I will be starting again!   Wish me luck!  And to be honest we have been dealing with packing up more stuff, getting the stuff to the school house!   My poor husband working to the bone!  He was supposed to get the rig up and going on Monday...but as you can tell that will not be happening due to all the rain we have been getting!
As we were driving today I was snapping pics left and right through the window!  And mind you that we were going about 75 miles an hour but check these two above out!    LOL!  And the clouds were just AMAZING!  Have had a lot of rain here in Kansas and tornado activity  popping up here and there!

One day we had micro burst go through our small little town.   I guess it was recorded to have had wind up to 100 miles per hour.   There was alot of damage that day to trees, houses and a semi turned over on I-70!   Dear husband said it took him an hour to get to the next town only 15 minutes away! 
And our dear son thinking that since it is summer, all to do is play!   Well getting the last under control a bit, we finally got son to understand the faster we get moved the more he can play!  Well he was just tuckered out today!   Out son just simply passed out this evening in the truck!   And all he did was play!   As for myself with us moving and being so very busy (sigh) I am going thru some very serious withdraw!   I got used to being able just go get up and go work on a LO or something!  But since we moved my scrapping stuff to the school house already I just don't know what to do!   Yes I have brought a crop bag full of stuff back to our other house!  But with everything in such a shamble in the house it is hard to find a place to scrap.   Let alone just simply not having what I want meaning tools etc to really even start working on something!   All I do know is that I have been going camera crazy and when I do really get to start scrapping again....I have so many pics to work with! 

Monday, June 7, 2010


I am recovering from a serious migraine!   Yesterday afternoon I got a small headache, took some Advil (because it usually works)!   This was at 4:50pm and it was already to late!   I was so tired I went to bed earlier than usual!   Woke up around 3am my eyes felt like they were going to pop out!  Head pounding!   And then I got sick, almost went to er!   I sat in the dark with dear hubby!   He was so sweet just being quite and making sure I was all right too!   Laid back down and kinda went to sleep!   I hate migraines....took today to take it easy!  All I got done today to working on a few things like a load of laundry and I did manage to make supper for hubby and son!  Thank the man upstairs for helping me thru today!

I did receive a package in the mail today!   I signed up for a "PINK" Breast cancer Awareness ATC swap a wile ago.   And I got them...I was so excited!  And they are all so beautiful now I can't wait to show my mom (so is a survivor)!   And even though I had to wait along time to get them it was so worth it!   Now I am planning on signing up for a couple of more ATC swaps!   See ya tomorrow!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

August Crop Invitation.....

I have picked the date for this crop!
Date: August 28th 8am to 5pm (but so very welcome to stay later!)
Cost: $15.00 (to cover cost of Food/Class Suppiles)

Now I am looking at getting started in the morning, so for breakfast I will serving coffee/orange juice, bagels and fruit that morning! You will have some time to get your stuff out, and ready for the day of challenges and games throughout the day! There will be three prize drawing (1 for challenges, 1 for door prize and 1 for Bingo)!

Schedule for August 28th 2010
8am Breakfast
8 - 10am Set you scrappy stuff up at your
desk. Pick your Bingo words.
10 am Challenge 1 and 2
10:30 Bingo starts and will be called
throughout the day...this will be a
Blackout game!
11am Challenges 3 and 4
12:30pm Lunch will consist of Homemade Deli
Sandwiches, Chips and drinks.
1:30 Challenges 5 and 6
2:00 - 4:30 Time to work on challenges and your
personal layouts/projects.
4:30 All challenges will be viewed and
name will be drawn for Challenge
Prize! Last word for Bingo will be
5pm Clean up for those that are just
bonkers from working with all that
paper! And for those who are
still scrapping...take a break!

I have space for 15 scrappers and a couple of your friends...if you want to bring a friend! Please note that they will be charged the fee also! The more the merrier...right! If your bring a friend - you and your friend get an extra entry on the door prize (that is well over the $50 mark)! As usual you will have access to all f my scrappbooking tools! If you have basic scrapbooking tools such as trimmer, adhesive and such. Please make sure you bring them with you!

Reservation/Payment for crop will be accepted until August 6
Please email me at for more information/reservation

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Went fishing' withmy son....

got some really AWESOME pics!    I was kinda playing with sepia and b/w today.   The following pics are in sepia, and they are of the Ol' Ellis Bridge/Big Creek River in Ellis, Kansas!

This is the Ol' Ellis Bridge in color!

Here it is in sepia....
now b/w (not exactly the same shot)!

I can't wait to use this shot in a really vintage fishing LO!   I already have the perfect paper in mind!
 This is my beloved son with this Rocket fishing pool!   It was the craziest thing...and we had so much dun with it!   Thanks for a wonderful day at Big Creek,son!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Packing Day and some scrapbooking stuff....

I am so tired!   Got a dresser cleaned out, my large jewelery box and moved that furniture and two other pieces out to the living room!   So next trip to Bison we will be moving four pieces of furniture and 15 boxes!  My back hurts and I have had a darn headache all day!   We have lived in this house for so long - it is kinda sad in a way to see it growing bearer with each day!   If any of you have moved from a home ya lived in for 10+ years, you know what I am saying!

 I also was working here in there on my big August Crop!   So excited....planning a big day!   I am even going to serve breakfast and lunch to those who come!   Lots of planning still to do, hope I have a good turn out!   Had a couple of ladies from Missouri and Oklahoma that might come!   That would be so very exciting to meet some of the scrappy gals that I met on Paper...Talk...Scissors!