Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Packing Day and some scrapbooking stuff....

I am so tired!   Got a dresser cleaned out, my large jewelery box and moved that furniture and two other pieces out to the living room!   So next trip to Bison we will be moving four pieces of furniture and 15 boxes!  My back hurts and I have had a darn headache all day!   We have lived in this house for so long - it is kinda sad in a way to see it growing bearer with each day!   If any of you have moved from a home ya lived in for 10+ years, you know what I am saying!

 I also was working here in there on my big August Crop!   So excited....planning a big day!   I am even going to serve breakfast and lunch to those who come!   Lots of planning still to do, hope I have a good turn out!   Had a couple of ladies from Missouri and Oklahoma that might come!   That would be so very exciting to meet some of the scrappy gals that I met on Paper...Talk...Scissors!

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