Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bad, Bad, Bad.....

We I have managed to get off track a bit with posting!  So as of today I will be starting again!   Wish me luck!  And to be honest we have been dealing with packing up more stuff, getting the stuff to the school house!   My poor husband working to the bone!  He was supposed to get the rig up and going on Monday...but as you can tell that will not be happening due to all the rain we have been getting!
As we were driving today I was snapping pics left and right through the window!  And mind you that we were going about 75 miles an hour but check these two above out!    LOL!  And the clouds were just AMAZING!  Have had a lot of rain here in Kansas and tornado activity  popping up here and there!

One day we had micro burst go through our small little town.   I guess it was recorded to have had wind up to 100 miles per hour.   There was alot of damage that day to trees, houses and a semi turned over on I-70!   Dear husband said it took him an hour to get to the next town only 15 minutes away! 
And our dear son thinking that since it is summer, all to do is play!   Well getting the last under control a bit, we finally got son to understand the faster we get moved the more he can play!  Well he was just tuckered out today!   Out son just simply passed out this evening in the truck!   And all he did was play!   As for myself with us moving and being so very busy (sigh) I am going thru some very serious withdraw!   I got used to being able just go get up and go work on a LO or something!  But since we moved my scrapping stuff to the school house already I just don't know what to do!   Yes I have brought a crop bag full of stuff back to our other house!  But with everything in such a shamble in the house it is hard to find a place to scrap.   Let alone just simply not having what I want meaning tools etc to really even start working on something!   All I do know is that I have been going camera crazy and when I do really get to start scrapping again....I have so many pics to work with! 

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