Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Drive To The Water Pump...

was so beautiful!   Last night  my dear husband had to take some items out to the oil rig, and our son and I went with him(perfect opt. to take pics of Kansas).   After my husband got things dropped off - he had to drive to the water pump!  As we came closer to the location of this water pump - clouds were coming in and the sun was just going down, getting ready to rain.   Needless to to say the man (God), had painted such a beautiful Kansas sky!    I decided a long time ago that Kansas is absolutely the place for sunrises and sunsets!   And I am planning on making a book...all it is going to be is Kansas sunrises/sunsets!   I have to been to a lot of different states/cities/towns...there is no question!   Do you have any pics like this...if so please leave a comment and link, I want to see!    Lately I have really been checking into to submitting some of my pics to some magazine/companies!   Never know something my come out of submitting...cross my fingers!   Got to start somewhere, right?

Taking the Time....
to read up on my camera!   I had bought this camera in replace of one that I used for two years!  I had to replace the camera that I knew...and to be honest I did not ever read the booklet that came with my camera now!   I use my point and shoot camera everyday!   I have been looking for s SLR camera for a while now.   About a week ago I found one for sale, yes it is used, but that is just fine with me!   I can't wait to get going with this SLR never really had a camera that nice before!   Started reading a book " The Complete Idiot's Guide to Photography Like A Pro"   So far I have read over stuff that was self taught to any camera owner!  I am ready for so good stuff like working on perspective and such!  

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